Automation through a Parallels Client

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    I just downloaded AutoItScript in order to automate some tasks that should be done every day. The software we use is an "online" version which seems to be running on the servers of the software company and displaying the GUI windows on our employee workstation screens. It seems that this makes the strategies AutoIt uses to programmatically control other software fail. For example, AutoIt has a program called "AutoIt v3 Window Info". Our software displays a login window when we start it, and after we log in, it shows a dialog to choose an office, and after we choose an office, the main screen appears. The login window, the office selection window, and the main window all have the title "Parallels Client" but that is not what it says in their title bars.

    Is it accurate to say that no program ("Local") running on a machine using the Parallels Client to access software ("Remote") on some remote machine will be able to "remote-control" the "Remote" software without somehow interfacing with parallels? In other words, does parallels essentially block access to the GUI controls normally operated by the OS and therefore normally available to be manipulated by automation tools, but not available when they are being presented through Parallels?

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