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    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know if its possible to use Azure AD solely to authenticate with the RAS server. Currently our company has almost fully moved away from the on premise AD to Azure AD. Is there anyway to authenticate to Parallels RAS using just Azure AD, I know there is SAML but this also relies on there being a local AD to match sign in credentials. Just wondering does anyone have any thoughts on the issue.

    Many thanks
  2. Alexey Kutuzov

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  3. Alexey Kutuzov

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    To be exactly you need "local AD DS" which allows installing Enterprise CA and manage certificate templates.
    Azure AD DS as a service has limitation

    So you can host "local AD DS" on Azure by renting at least two VMs and installing Domain Controllers on botn (redundancy-sake) and Enterprise CA on one of VM.
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    My understanding is that is exactly what we are doing on our VM. We have Azure VM with Parallels RAS and Azure AD Domain Services. All authentication is via the Azure AD Domain Service.

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