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    Hello guys,
    I have been looking for an offsite backup solution for Mac for a while now. I get a lot of suggestions from everyone around me, but no one could convince me that one is better than the rest. One of my friends told me that both cloud and offsite can be used for backing up my company server. My company is the distributor of electronic equipment in Canada and has to deal with a lot of documents and important files.
    I want to get 4 workstations and the server backed up. If I have to use both local and offsite backup together, how should I sort my data, without confusion and data loss in case of a recovery? I have already got a good quote from an offsite and cloud backup solution provider called Storagepipe Solutions. Has anyone here tried both these options? What are the pros and cons of having both?
    It would be great if someone could advise me as soon as possible. Thanks!

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