Backup problem: .hdd package --> folder on NAS share

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by MartinBear, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. MartinBear


    I'm using Retrospect to completely backup (copy) my Parallels folder to a NAS share.

    It works fine, except that the .hdd (which is a Mac OS X "package") is saved as an ordinary folder on the NAS share. The contents of the folder are identical to the contents of the package, of course, but a folder isn't a package and that means problems if I have to do a a restore.


    1. Is there an easy way to convert the folder back into a package? If so, what, where?

    2. How about the brute force approach. Let's say the Parallels hard disk is corrupt. I could do the following:

    a. make a copy of the .hdd package (duh ...)
    b. show package contents with a ctrl-click
    c. replace the two contained items (.xml and .hdd) with the backup versions from the NAS share.
    d. close up and restart Parallels VM

    What do you think??

  2. MartinBear


    Maybe I can answer my own question -- use Disk Utility

    I've used Disk Utility to create a "Disk Image from Folder" on the NAS share.

    Since this is an HFS+ formatted (virtual) disk, there's no problem with losing the package attribute of the .hdd when it's copied to the NAS share, because it's going to the .dmg and not to the native file system on the NAS.

    Further, the process was at least as quick as using Retrospect.

    The .dmg mounts just fine from the NAS, everything looks fine, and I can copy contents at will.

    Anyone else using this technique?

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