Backups.backupdb mounted/mapped by default?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by ChristopherB, May 2, 2012.

  1. ChristopherB

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    Why does parallels automatically map or mount the hidden local Time Machine Backups.backupdb (the "I'm not connected to a Time Machine backup device so I'll backup locally until I am" feature added to Lion) as a peer to the Home folder? if "Map Mac volumes to..." is enabled.

    Is there any conceivable reason you would want users to be able to mess with this *hidden* mount? It isn't visible on the Host OS or under Disk Utility.

    IMHO this should be filtered and not displayed at all. Messing with Time Machine backups is known to cause all kinds of problems.

    I don't want to disable the ability to Map Mac volumes as other ones I do want to see..
  2. RussJ

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    Mounting Backups.backupdb causing me problems

    I've run across the same issue, and it's causing me problems. In my case, Parallels is mounting the .MobileBackups directory (which contains the Backups.backupdb directory) within my Windows Guest OS as drive letter "Y".

    But at some point before this mounting bahaviour was introduced in Parallels (possibly due to Lion's new feature that automatically does local backups to that folder if you're a Time Machine user and you're away from your normal Time Machine drive connection), I already had a "Y" drive pointing to a different, visible host OS folder, and that association is expected to still be there by several of my Windows programs. Those programs are now complaining in various ways as they can't see files they used to be able to see. The old "Y" drive association seems to have been overridden by this new one.

    So how do I get Parallels to stop mounting this directory entirely?

    I agree with ChristopherB...I can't see any good reason that this particular directory, normally hidden within the Host OS, should be made visible and mounted as a drive letter in the Guest OS.
  3. ImSeeker

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    Curious about this as well. Sure, it is there to mount, even if hidden, but it seems like Parallels should look at the hidden attribute, and not display it in the Guest OS.

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