Better Way than Boot Camp Partition?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by jesschoen, Sep 28, 2008.

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    I have been running Parallels for over a year using a Boot Camp partition. I have had a couple of blips but generally it has been quite satisfactory and stable.

    However, I recently read the book Running Windows on Your Mac by Dwight Silverman. In it, he discussed the things you can and can't do with a Boot Camp partition. He noted:

    1. Can't use snapshots, cloning or undo disks which limits backup options.

    2. Can't suspend but can pause.

    3. Time Machine won't back up a BC partition.

    4. Shared profiles feature is disabled.

    5. Changes in Parallels show up in native Boot Camp and vice versa.

    He seemed to be implying that there are better ways to run Parallels than the BC partition. However, as I mentioned, I have been quite satisfied with the operation although I would prefer more backup options. I backup everything using Norton Ghost on the Boot Camp partition (using stand alone Windows) weekly and use Time Machine and SuperDuper on the Mac side for backup.

    I'd appreciate comments on whether I would benefit from a different arrangement than my current setup.

    Thanks very much for any help.

  2. maztec

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    True, but you can use windows based backup software to keep it backed up. Or, store your "can't lose it!" files on the Mac Side - and use MacDrive or similar for when you are in Windows. Or, store your "can't lose it!" files on a third drive with a generic format that both can read natively.

    Pausing always seems to be better than suspension to me - except suspension lets you theoretically quit Parallels and restart later. You can suspend using a full VM on a virtual drive - which is the default option.

    Your Virtual Drive doesn't properly backup with Time Machine either. While it is backed up, it is one, enormous file, that does not backup incrementally - each time you change it, you get another, new, ginormous copy. Fills up your TM Drive quickly!

    Although, you could use WinClone:
    More Details:

    I am not sure what you mean by this feature . . .

    Again, unsure what you mean here, this occurs either way? This occurs with the VM . . I don't see the "problem" ?

  3. megavolt17

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    The built in (at least Windows 7) restore point (or is is save point?) works. I installed the wrong drivers for something and messed Windows 7 up, safe booted and restored from save point OK. I would have turned off that feature to save HD space, now I am glad I did not know it existed. I Disk Clean periodically and delete all save points but the most recent.

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