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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by nycruza, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. nycruza


    Everytime a new piece of software comes out ESPECIALLY a beta I am always surpirised at the number of posts generated.

    I'll make this simple for the simple minded.

    1. BETA = BUGGY SOFTWARE! If it does not work, blows away your system, or causes you hours of lost sleep - TOUGH! A BETA IS for experimenting and testing.

    2. RTFM = READ THE F---IN MANUAL! Think you know how to install, but did follow the directions? Sorry no sympathy!

    If people understood 1 & 2 above their would be 70% less useless comment! Yes, useless!

    "I installed the new Beta and my software got blown away!" OH!!!! To bad and who cares! Report it via feedback to support instead of whinning about it! Did you make a backup as SUGGESTED? No? Tough sh-t! Grow up and get a life!

    Guess I'm not being very "politically correct!" GOOD!
    It's about time someone stoodup to all the whiners!

  2. eshieh


    As a developer of software, my perspective on this is that the entire reason to put betas is to receive feedback and to get *free* testing. Ideally, feedback would come in without all the negativity and entitlements that you're probably referring to, but given the benefits that the developers receive, I think some amount of complaining is OK and is definitely preferable to nothing.

    It also provides information to other users about the relative advantages and disadvantages of installing the beta.

    [the is a prelude to another post that just might fall under the bitching category :) ]
  3. Djoh


    talk about useless comments...
  4. Peymon


    look man,
    As everything else in this world , there are those who can and will and thos who don't know and still think they can , and those that never read but do and will get it.

    This updat/Beta worked for me , I just wanted my usb to work , but I got blown away with all other goodies that I got.
    But then again , I got it to work before too . Our thank you note is thehelp pothers to get it too in here, but there are some questions here from some that they shouldn't play with these kinda beta stuff , and they should ask for profecional help.
    my 2 cent. all seems to work ok so far for mt MacBook pro D2C 2g ram and 120g drive.

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