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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for M Series Mac' started by SullivanO, Sep 14, 2022.

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    I'm a new Parallels 18 user, running it on a week old Mac Studio. I formerly used VMware but they don't play well with Apple Silicon. I use Windows for day trading, a simple full screen window with two data applications running with a Stream Deck. I ran this same set up with few issues for 5 years on an iMac Pro.

    I keep the VM open on a large 47" monitor in full screen. I frequently leave it open while I move to the other display to do things on the Mac side. Twice now I've gotten the black screen with no choice but to stop, force quit everything from the Mac side Activity Monitor and spend about 10 minutes resetting everything. Once I believe was due to auto pause, today because I clicked away from Windows to do something in Chrome on the Mac side and when I clicked back-Black.

    I've turned off auto pause, almost all sharing, locked the Stream Deck to the Windows profile as these were all suggestions I found online but I need this to stop happening. I have back up options if it happens while I'm in a trade but I'm concerned about the stability of the program. Please let me know if I can share any additional info to stop this happening.
    Parallels is V 18.0.1
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    I have a similar issue; when I leave the computer as it is overnight, the Win 10 inside parallel just shows me a black screen, but the win apps are still live and running, some of them I can close, but some of them did not close. I think it is popping up a question dialog and waiting for me to save or cancel. Since the window is black, I cannot see where to click. Restarting the win10 machine is not applicable because those running apps prevent a restart. The only solution is to reset the parallel machine. This is a major bug. I am thinking to switch back to VMWare or a physical machine.
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    Would love some more support on these issues.

    Having had this up and running for 2.5 weeks each day Parallels freezes with open Windows applications. Following support articles I can use the reset function some of the time. After resetting, Windows may or may not open, I've checked for updates or anything that could cause Windows to freeze. If I restart Windows from the start button, I get frozen with continual spinning cogs not beach ball. If that happens the entire Mac is frozen as well, with no ability to use my mouse or key board which forces me to shut down the Mac forcefully with the power button-not ideal.

    I am extremely disappointed in the Parallels product at this time, it's so unstable and yet, no one seems to be responding with further support. The articles that exist don't fully address the depth of the problems. I feel held hostage because VMWare doesn't work on my 2022 Mac and have to plan to reset my VM at least 2 times a day due to freezing and other issues.
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    I've been having the same problem since I moved to version 18. Last night I discovered the problem is related to the Fullscreen view mode; if you exit full screen then the MV shows up again and become responsive. So, until an oficial fix is released, all you have to do when this happens is exit full screen and then enter again.
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    Having very similar issues also with Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac running Windows 11 on MacBook Pro 2018 on Ventura 13.01, 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7, 16 Gb RAM. But had the same issue running it prior on 2021 Macbook Pro M1, 32Gb RAM, with Monterey. If I leave the Windows 11 VM running for any period of time when I walk away from the Mac I will come back to find it with a black screen, and have to follow these exact same steps to reset. (Support walked me through reinstalling the Parallels tools, but then it happened again.) I've followed all support article suggestions I could find such as setting Windows 11 VM to never sleep, and never turn off screen. (Some of the Parallels KB articles on this are outdated and refer to settings that do not appear to exist in Windows 11.)
    The only solution I've found is to always completely shut down the Windows 11 machine when not in use. I wonder if there is some conflict between the Mac sleep functions and the VM sleep functions. So, far this has worked though it is far from ideal.
    I'm not sure it is limited to this latest version either. With the previous version running on my intel i7 2018 Macbook, I got a corrupted Parallels installation on several occasions after leaving Windows running overnight. The support person basically told me not to leave it running.
    The software is basically good, but seems fairly unstable. Would love to see this fixed.
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    This is not immediately related, but I do not recommend leaving windows running over night and on battery (also with lid closed). I always hibernate via the start menu. Since i have been doing this, i have no longer had issues with bad surprises in the morning.

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