Blackberry (and more specifically--Pearl) Support in PD

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by sportwa72, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. sportwa72


    So I've searched the forums and read the posts of people trying to get Blackberrys to work and I just wanted to see if there was a definitive answer yet. I've read posts that sometimes unplugging it several times and plugging it back in gets BB Desktop Manager to recognize it and sync (doesn't for me).

    I've also tried installing earlier versions of BB Desktop Manager, uninstalling and re-installing BB drivers, etc., etc. all to no avail. Windows does detect my device as "RIM Mass Storage Device" but BB Desktop Manager doesn't see the device at all. I also don't have PocketMac installed which some people say also can cause problems (still waiting for Pearl support from the PocketMac folks as well).

    Just wanted to see if anyone was having any new or better luck with Blackberrys...
  2. sikram


    7100i Issues

    I have a Blackberry 7100i device and have been able to get it to work under parallels with limited success. What I frequently see happening is that the device says I don't have enough current coming from the USB port to charge the device. Whenever I get this error message my Macbook Pro 17" is unable to see the device. After many plug/unplug attempts and in some cases shutting down the blackberry device manager completely I am able to get the system to see it. Sometimes the device doesn't even show up in the Parallels --> USB menu! This needs to be fixed by the Parallels team. I spent about 8 hours yesterday trying to do a simply sync on it b/c the unit kept disconnecting and I had to keep trying until the connection was able to be resablished again via USB.

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