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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by geelow, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. geelow

    geelow Bit poster

    I've been having a problem with videos.

    I have tried opening wmv, avi, and mp4 files with windows media player. it opens and plays video files, but the video quality is really bad. it is really blocky. I have also tried Sony Locationfree Player and it does the same thing.

    One exception is, mov files with QT player. QT player plays video files just fine.

    Does anyone have the same problem?

    MacBook (Black) Intel Core Duo 2GHz
    2GB (1GB for Paralles Desktop)
    Windows XP Pro
    WMP 11, Locationfree Player LFA-PC20 (Japanese Version)
  2. abanks

    abanks Hunter

    What does the wmv etc look like when opened on the mac (using flip4mac)?

    Most of the movies in emails etc are very poor quality if blown above 100% if it is a DVD rip etc then you could be experiencing a graphics problem as parallels is like having integrated graphics.
  3. geelow

    geelow Bit poster

    When i open these files on Mac with QT (w/ flip4mac) or other players, this thing doesn't happen. Video is really smooth. BTW, they are DVD rips. And for Locationfree Player, it's getting about 2Mbps. It is not blocky when i use my PC to watch.

    If I am experiencing a graphics problem, there's no way i can fix it?
    Does your WMP does the same thing?
  4. Ynot

    Ynot Pro

    Can you try other media player? May be Media plaeyr classic or something like this, distributed with codec packs? Microsoft player want lot of processor resources and also may want DirectDraw acceleration, that is not supported by Parallels.
  5. abanks

    abanks Hunter

    VLC plays pretty much anything :)

  6. wesley

    wesley Pro

    ...except for DRM-laden files, of course. That's about the only time I play video in Parallels. Other times I just use Quicktime or VLC.
  7. geelow

    geelow Bit poster

    thanks everyone,
    ok here's what i tried.
    WMP (classic?) and VLC 0.8.6a
    the results were the same.... :-(

    well, i actually don't care about video quality of files. what i do care is locationfree player's video quality. i don't think anyone else is using locationfree player (japanese version) here. unfortunatelly, i cannot try english version because japanese version of locationfree base station (server i setup in japan) needs japanese version of software to receive videos. i don't think it does matter cause this is not the only program giving me blocky videos.

    i found this problem when i first used locationfree player. i couldn't read any subtitle or any letters in the video. so i was wondering if it does the same thing with video files.

    so far, only files that are fine is .mov files. other files like avi & mp4 shows blocky pictures even Mac side shows smooth pictures. i tried playing mp4 on QT player for Win on parallels and had no luck.

    here's my question,
    is everyone having same problem?
    is it like this on parallels? or it's only me?
  8. Dang

    Dang Bit poster

    I have exactly the same problem. I'm using ffdshow in conjunction with Media Player Classic and I've tried using VLC as well all to no avail. In my case it also occurs for mov files. Pretty much any form of video playback appears blocky and pixelated.

    I sure hope there's a fix for it somewhere.
  9. jcjcjc87

    jcjcjc87 Bit poster

    I also am having a similar problem. I tried playing a simple .avi file which is your tv episode type. It plays fine on my mac with no problems and i remember it used to play fine on parallels when i had build 1970 installed but now that i upgraded to 3188 its blocky, i have even noticed its blocky when scrolling an internet page.

    Damm 3188...sometimes the saying if it aint broke dont fix it really applies with software updates!!!
  10. geelow

    geelow Bit poster

    thanks Dang and jcjcjc87,

    looks like we cannot do anything about it for now. we just gotta wait for some new updates coming... :-(

    thanks again to everyone who posted here.
  11. drval

    drval Pro

    I'm having no problem with playback of AVI or WMV files. MBP C2D 2 GB RAM, using 3188.

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