Bluetooth enabled but Windows doesn't see any devices

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    I've had Windows running smoothly using the Parallels 16 technical preview but am running into an issue with discovering bluetooth devices. Initially, I did not have "share bluetooth devices with windows" enabled. After turning that on and rebooting the virtual machine, I can now go into my windows settings and enable/disable bluetooth as well as access the add devices menu to search for devices to pair.

    What I'm running into now is that regardless of what bluetooth device I attempt to connect, Windows is not seeing any devices when it's searching for available devices to add. I have attempted to pair a Logtech MX Master mouse, Xbox controller, Sony bluetooth headphones and a Canon bluetooth enabled printer. Although they are in bluetooth pairing mode and my phone can see that they are available, Windows searches for several minutes but doesn't ever show them in the list to connect to.

    Any suggestions on what I may be doing incorrectly?

    Parallels version: 16.3.2 (50531) Technical Preview
    Windows version: 21318.rs_prerelease.210216-1530
    Mac: MacBook Pro M1 16GB

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