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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by DaveB, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. DaveB


    Would someone explain for me what is gained by running Parallels "with" Bootcamp? From version 1970 (thru each Beta), I've been using it as a plain VM. I have had NO problems installing or running it or my applications. Admittedly, I've had to wait as additional features were included or refined with each release. In reading many of the threads, to expand my understanding of the program, it seems to me that most of the problems stem from the attempt to use Parallels "with" Bootcamp (not to mention having it run under every concievable operating system or with every arcane peripheral). What am I missing?

  2. VTMac


    For those who need to have a native windows for features not yet supported by Parallels (llke say 3d acceleration), being able to use Parallels w/ bootcamp eliminates the need to have 2 separate installations of windows. Without this feature you would have 1 parallels install and 1 bootcamp install with your files split between the 2 and not easily accessible. With this feature they can work in Parallels when they don't need native features and switch to bootcamp when they do with no duplicate windows installs / disk space issue and without the headaces of moving files between those 2 installs.
  3. sidssp


    Let me give you another example. Parallels still does not have native USB printer support. You must go through Bonjour with a postscript driver. That works fine for a postscript printer. But for others, like my Epson Photo R800, I can print regular documents but if I want to print labels directly on CD - the main reason I bought this printer, I am out of luck.
  4. DaveB


    Thanks for the reply. I was under the apparently mistaken impression that folks were using VM and Boot Camp together/at the same time and therefore the problems. I can appreciate the "need" to run each. By the way, all the bit&*^$# about certain things not working in VM, are ALL these same things working in Boot Camp and therein the rub?

    Thanks also. I think I know what you are referring to, but I have an Epson R2400 that I have installed the drivers to in the Win XP and then use Bonjour to "attach". It then doesn't require me to use the generic driver but its native driver and screen options. Again, am I missing the point somehow?

    Dave B
  5. jamesrob


    A few examples

    Running the Windows machine within the Mac OS requires lots of processor cycles, which means that if Windows is running on a portable Mac the battery will be exhausted more rapidly than if one is using one's MacBook Pro as a single-OS Windows box. Especially when running Windows on a laptop, it's a MAJOR problem that if the Windows OS installation is a Boot Camp partition, one cannot "suspend" the Windows OS because of the way Boot Camp handles Windows "hibernation" and stand-by modes.

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