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  1. RichB


    Upgrade 1.1.2 to 1.2 without a CD

    I'm happy to report no problems upgrading Windows XP Pro from Boot Camp 1.1.2 to 1.2! The upgrade is the Mac Windows Drivers folder of files and I did it without having to waste a CD thanks to Parallels. Here are the steps:

    • Launch Boot Camp Assistant in Applications/Utilities
    • From the Utility menu select "Save Mac Windows Drivers to Folder..."
    • Select a location on your Mac partition you can get to from Parallels Shared Folders
    • Launch Parallels Virtual Machine
    • Open the Parallels shared folder where the Mac Windows Drivers were saved
    • Right-click the folder and select Copy
    • Navigate to the Windows partition ("My Documents" folder is a good place)
    • Right-click and select Paste
    • Shut down Parallels VM
    • Boot into Boot Camp
    • Navigate to the copied folder
    • Run the file "setup.exe"
    • Wait for it to finish

    Worked fine for me!
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  2. chrisj303


    Why are there so many people dying to have vista running on their mac's under a bootacamp vm? I installed it out of curiosity via parallels - and it ran like a pig! And because of the 3D graphics issues, none of the 'prettys' work, which affectively leaves you with XP with less functionality.

    I'm not 'having a go' - i am just genuinely curious..?

  3. lipbone


    Because of the speed boost that Parallels gets from running off of a real hard drive partition rather than a virtual one, I'd really prefer to run Vista through Parallels off of my Boot Camp drive. Running it through Parallels will allow me to run many browsers side-by-side which reduces my development time.

    There are at least three reasons why I run Vista on my macbook.

    a) I'm a developer and need to test on Vista
    b) My job requires me to use Windows software
    c) My company is upgrading to vista and I prefer to remain in sync and insure the highest level of compatibility with my work environment

    I'm running it on boot camp in the hopes that Parallels will support a Vista Boot Camp drive sometime in the future, or Apple will provide its own solution.

    For me, Vista in boot camp runs extremely well. I've minimized some of the annoying "features" (without totally compromising security), and adjusted settings to reduce any performance issues (which are more perceived than actual, for instance turning off certain animations speeds things up considerably, but not because the computer couldn't handle the animations, rather the animations were slow and took time to pass).

    Aesthetically, I like parts of Vista (many of the button elements, the start bar, etc.) and dislike parts of Vista (the horrible window chrome, the inconsistent UI elements, etc). Of course, Mac OS X has things I like and dislike as well.
  4. kgroder

    kgroder Bit Poster

    Boot Camp 1.2 crashes now...

    Yes, same thing here... while booting into XP via boot camp I also get a 1 second blue screen error then forced reboot back into OSX.

    I can load the boot camp partition in Paralles just fine. I tried loading the boot camp drivers in Paralles to see if anything changed, but alas, I cannot boot into XP with boot camp at all. Am I screwed?
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  5. Eru Ithildur

    Eru Ithildur

    Everything running off a BC partition is over to BootCamp 1.2 in our office. No problems. I tried it on a computer and when that worked and several others accidentally installed the update I found out it was stable. No hitches!

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