Bootcamp + Parallels: OEM or Retail?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by mactivist, Nov 6, 2006.

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    What is the cheapest and legal way to get XP home edition activated under both bootcamp and parallels?

    I could buy the OEM version from NewEgg for about $90. I'm thinking I should call M$ first and tell them my intentions and see what they say about that. I need to know they'll give me a second key.

    Any other suggestions?
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    While I am no expert on this, I did just buy a copy of Windows.

    From what I learned, it is possible to install one copy of XP on both your boot camp and Parallels (although I am using Parallels only). It is likely that you will have to call Microsoft on your second install, because you have already installed it once. I understand that the magic words for Microsoft is to say that you are re-installing the SW on the same computer (which you are).

    Be sure to get the "full" version rather than the "upgrade" version. Also, be sure to get SP2.

    Also, I understand that the OEM version is licensed for the hardware where you install it. The license dies when the machine dies. It cannot be uninstalled and reinstalled on a diferent machine. The Full Retail version, on the other hand, can be un-installed and re-installed on a different machine.

    I decided to go XP Pro. I found a $90 copy on the internet, but a little investigation showed it to be a sketchy company from Eastern Europe that took 3 weeks to ship. I have no experience with NewEgg, so they may be better.

    I finally decided to go with a full retail copy of XP Pro. I found a copy on EBay for about $100 savings over the retail store price. When you buy on EBay, you must be careful of counterfeits. There is a place on Microsoft's website which gives you scoop on the various Microsoft licences, and also the ways to tell if your copy is genuine.

    It shouldn't be this hard! Good luck.

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