BootCamp Partition Disappears

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by TheBear, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. TheBear


    I've had this problem since beta 2. After shutting down the virtualization (from a bootcamp partition), Parallels closes without putting the bootcamp partition back on the desktop. For those that don't use the Bootcamp partition, Parallels takes away the Boot Camp partition before the virtualization begins. I think this is some kind of security measure so you don't mess around with the drive while the virtualization is going. Normally, I think after Parallels closes, the Boot Camp partition of Windows is supposed to go back on. It doesn't and I have to restart to get it back.

    Has anybody else come across such a problem?
  2. scotty588


    I am getting this same problem. I will start OSX the bootcamp XP partition shows, i start Parallels and "play" it, says "Unable to open disk image Boot Camp!", I click play again and it works even though the partition is not mounted or showing on the desktop. If I go into the disk utility I can remout it. This is annoying though.
  3. tfulmino


    i too am having the same issue. In addition, after I shut down the virtual my system seems to run very slow. I am forced to reboot. Support - do you have any suggestions?

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