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  1. EDVO


    we have a huge Problem here with a new Windows7/32Bit-Installation.
    The Configuration for the VM (Parallels 5) is as follows:
    - 2GB Ram
    - 2 CPU´s
    At first, the System is very slow. But the Main-Problem is the Internet Explorer.
    It is not possible to open Links, nothing happens (Example: search something in and klick on a Link).
    Firefox is working well, I haven´t found any Problem.
    But my Boss wants to use the IE.
    The Installation of Win7 has finished correctly. Also the Installation of Office2007 and the Antivirus (NOD32).
    The IE-Settings are at Default, I have cross-checked with another (working) IE-Installation on a Windows-PC.
    I have deactivated the Windows-Firewall for testing.
    The Hardware is a MAC Powerbook Pro (I don´t know how to figure out the amount of RAM or the GHz of the CPU).
    The Host-OS is "OS X 10.5.8".
    Has anybody an Idea how to solve this Problem ?
    Many thanks.
  2. tacit_one

    tacit_one Kilo Poster

    Hello EDVO,

    I see that there are two main problems:
    1) Performance is not perfect
    2) IE doesn't work, while Firefox works OK

    For the performance problem i would suggest to start from the the very beginning: we need to know your hardware & software configuration to provide any initial assessment. It's very simple to do:
    1) Launch Parallels Desktop
    2) Select Help -> Report a problem
    3) Briefly describe an issue and submit it to
    4) Provide here the Problem Report ID, so we can analyze your configuration and logs

    For the IE problem: you've mention that you can search for something on, so some sites could be opened? Or you have completely no connectivity in your IE? Please provide as many details as you can, the more information we have, the more chances we have to resolve your issue.

  3. EDVO


    Hi Max,

    thanks for Your answer.
    For the Performance-Problem, I will follow Your Instructions and post the ID (I have to wait for my Boss with the Notebook).

    For the IE-Problem:
    - I can open every Website directly.
    - But i cannot follow a Link. This Problem appears to every Website, e.g. when I open and search for something and click on a Link to another Website, nothing happens. No Error-Message, no new Window or Tab.
    - Curiosly, the Navigation in a Website works ! (Example: when I open, I can navigate to different Articles).
    I have resetted all Settings to Default, but this didn´t help.
    Also there is no aditional Popup-Blocker installed.
    I have no Idea, what to try next.

    Best Regards,
  4. EDVO


    Hi Max,

    The ID is: 1416216

    Best Regards,
  5. EDVO


    Hi, does anybody have an Idea to solve this Problem ?

    Best Regards,

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