Bugs, which crash my remote PC

Discussion in 'Accessing your PC' started by Vi_, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Vi_


    SH//T! F//CKING B//LLSH//T!!!!

    Calm down, bro... Calm down.
    And that is the problem. I have to perform long calculations. That is why i bought the parallels access - to have possoibility of the remote control of the calculations.
    And now i have fucking bug, which crash the PC and all calculations: i just try to connect to remote PC, and connect is succesfull. But after some actions (closing browser, changing display (i have 2 displays on the remote PC), etc.) the remote PC computer freezes. And i can do nothing.
    NExt day i come to the remote PC and... it is freezed. I can do nothing.
    Ctrl+alt+delete let me to have access to externak window with possibility of PC's restart or shut down.
    Nothing else.
    I had no such bugs for 2 years... And now this f//cking b//llsh//t... which ruins all my calculations=work.

    What is going on with this f//cking programm?


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