Build 1940: USB no longer works after Suspend, Windows never shuts down

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by dburr, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. dburr


    MacBook Pro 1.83GHz w/2GB RAM
    Mac OS X 10.4.8
    Parallels Build 1940 (October 11, 2006)
    Guest OS: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 with all the latest updates installed
    PDA: T-Mobile MDA (HTC Wizard), Windows Mobile 5 device, ActiveSync 4.2.0 (Build 4876)
    (Note: MDA is being used in RNDIS mode; SyncAlive or other such hacks are NOT installed.)

    Problem #1:
    When I "cold-start" the VM (I.e. start it from a completely stopped state, NOT from a suspend), I can plug in my MDA and it syncs perfectly. However, once I suspend the VM and restart it, syncing no longer works; I plug in the MDA and nothing happens, I don't get the little activesync "device connected" sound, and nothing happens on the MDA side of things. It's definitely Parallels at fault; I have tried resetting the MDA to no effect. However, if I shut down the VM, then immediately restart it, it syncs perfectly.

    Problem #2:
    I notice that my XP is freezing at the system shutdown screen (the "Windows is shutting down..." screen), especially if I am shutting down from a session that I had previously suspended and reesumed. (No, the system is NOT installing updates.) Before installing the update, this almost NEVER happened (at least I don't recall it ever happening). Now, it happens pretty much any time that I suspend, resume, and attempt to shut down.

    Is anyone else noticing these behaviors? I performed a "clean install" of Parallels (completely uninstalled the previous version before installing the new one), and yes I did upgrade my Parallels Tools.


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