build 3094b2: osx apps dont run/work properly when parallels is running

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Arr MiHardies, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. Arr MiHardies

    Arr MiHardies

    many apps do not fully load or run properly when parallels is running, regardless of whether or not a vm is running. My machine is a 20" 2GHz intel coreduo imac. running OSX 10.4.8 and 1 GB ram.

    safari title bar/close/minimize buttons disappear when browser window has tabs and parallels is running.
    to reproduce:
    start safari.
    start parallels. it is not necessary to select or start a vm.
    switch to safari and press apple+t to open a new tab. The windows title bar will disappear. also, the clickable area for the entire window will be shifted down a number of pixels equal to the title bars height. (meaning you have to click below links and buttons for them to activate)
    The problem does not occur when parallels is closed. If you have tabs open when parallels is closed, you will have to clsoe all your tabs for the titlebar to reappear and for the clickable area to be corrected

    When parallels is running, again, whether or not a vm is running, you can not open and/or use osx programs. This has been tested with safari, main, and itunes.
    To reproduce:
    quit safari/mail/itunes 7
    start parallels. it is not necessary to select or start a vm, as the problem occurs whether or not a vm is running.
    click on your safari/mail/itunes icon in your dock.
    the icon bounces and the programs appears to start, but no windows will ever open so long as parallels is running the program name will appear in the apple menu, but no windows show up. selecting new window from the safari file menu (or apple-n) has no result and a window still does not appear.
    However, if the program already has a window open when parallels was started, you can open more windows for that program.
    Once you close parallels, you can select the program and use apple-n (or New windows from the file menu) to open a window.
    Again, this problem goes away as soon as parallels is quit.

    Needless to say, this is a pretty major bug that for some reason impacts the usability of programs other than itself, which is really just unacceptable. Hope you guys can fix this soon!
  2. nycruza


    Sorry to burst your bubble!

    I am unable to reproduce your problems on my system. MacBook Pro 15".

  3. Arr MiHardies

    Arr MiHardies

    it is not a bubble to burst. it was happening every time here. in fact, beta 2 has been nothing but problems since i ndownloaded it tonight. it jsut hard crashed my system a few minutes ago forcing me to reboot; something i hate doing, and all i was trying to do in parallels is boot xp. I think this new beta has some serious issues, though now that i have rebooted, it doesnt seem to reproducing any of the issues i posted here. *sigh*
  4. sydbarrett74


    Did you reboot your Mac immediately after installing the new build? You should always do that, or you'll get funky behaviour like you just described. In fact, just to be safe, I always power-cycle my machine -- that way you're assured of a clean slate. :)
  5. Arr MiHardies

    Arr MiHardies

    No, I did not, but nor did I need to for the previous beta or previous builds; all worked perfectly fine for me without reboot. didn't see any reason for this one to be different, though I guess some of the coherence changes may have caused the funky behavior. :p

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