Build 3106 - Install Parallel Tools crashes WinXP

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Rainy, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Rainy


    When I select Action->Install Parallel Tools , Win XP crashes. The same thing happens when I try to set the CD to vmtools.iso.
    Anyone else have this issue? I successfully used Transporter to create the VM, does Transporter run Parallel Tools automatically? Everything seems to be working but Shared Folders which is why I am trying to install Parallel tools
  2. jChristopher


    Parallel Tools 3106 crashes XP in BootCamp

    Yep, similar problem experienced here:

    I've been having BSOD after BSOD trying to get Parallels to run XP off the Boot Camp partition. It would always crash right after I tried to log in. So...after logging back into XP via Boot Camp and checking to see that everything was uninstalled (which is was, and had been), I noticed some error message that Windows posted about not being able to call some Parallels routine... Suspicious.

    After doing a little housekeeping on the BootCamp partition, I re-booted into OS X and ran Parallels. Whatever finally cooperated, and Parallels was able to run off the BootCamp partition without any problem...except the Parallels Tools had not installed.

    While Parallels was launching, I got a Parallels message saying "don't do anything until Parallels Tools is installed"...but that message disappeared when I went to click to log in. After log-in, there was no Parallels Tools installer, but just a few Windows "install new hardware" messages. Alas, no Parallels Tools launched, so I ran it manually....and BSOD. The error message zipped by so fast I couldn't see what it said...

    It seems the Parallels Tools is having some conflict with something installed in Boot Camp??? (Installed via Boot Camp...I have MacDrive, the latest ATI video drivers (6.12). But the ATI drivers don't show when I boot through Parallels... I realize MacDrive is redundant in Parallels (isn't it?) but it rather necessary within BootCamp.

    Any help, suggestions, or remedies, Parallels gurus?

  3. jChristopher



    Tried installing Parallels Tools again, and was able to read one of the first lines in the BSOD:


    ....Alas, there's no way I can see & read & remember all the hexidecimal stuff that flashes up at the bottom...

    Hope that helps?
  4. davewike


    same issue here. I hadn't installed the tools but was reading that if I wanted to use "coherence" then it would have to be installed. So I ran the install but noticed during reboot it looked like it threw a bunch of errors but it was too fast to see what they were. Once Windows loaded/loads it immediately brings up a "Parallels Tools as encountered an error..." and crashes/closes. It doesn't crash the VM or Parallels Desktop, just the Tools Center. So I browsed to the tools to restart them and it still throws the errors and crashes.

    Would love to get it installed as I'm anxious to see how coherence works!

    Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz w/ 2 GB RAM
    Running XP Home with SP 2 and all updates installed.
    Parallels 3106


    Edit: So I reinstalled the tools in hopes it just didn't stick the first go round, and sure enough it's working like a champ. AND YES, I LOVE COHERENCE NOW THAT I CAN SEE/USE IT! YOU GUYS ROCK!
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  5. modular747


    I had the same issue with 3106 on an XP VM (non Bootcamp). I uninstalled the old Parallel tools from the VM, started the VM in safe mode and the 3106 tools finally installed without crashing the VM.
  6. organik


    exact same problem w 3150 rc2

    exact same problem w 3150 rc2

    install parallels tools = bad pool header & xp crash!

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