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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Public Beta' started by jackybe67, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. slboettcher


    You clearly have read my most recent posts.
    I've given Parallels 5-stars on VT and other places, I've got a LOT of copies of it and I still like it.
    But reality is my world of supporting clients, and these problems are real.
    The boards are littered with upset folks over similar issues.
    I mention Fusion because I want the developers to know that they have competition now, and they need to take problems seriously.
    Adding new features is not KEWL if the ones that are important don't work.

    I never mentioned Fusion until recently, in the sense that I'm about to switch if Parallels doesn't get better.
  2. musk


    Has anything been changed to the USB code since build 4560? I'm still waiting for stable USB that isn't going to cause me grief while syncing a Treo.

    Making Coherence similar to Unity is nice but it's not a critical feature to me. Reliable USB connections are a critical feature for any machine, virtual or not.
  3. rsfinn

    rsfinn Bit Poster

    Yes, that did the trick; thanks. I don't know why that didn't occur to me; guess I'm too busy at work. :)

    -- RSF
  4. AngryAnt



    I'm apparently one of the lucky ones who have not yet experienced any stability or compatibility problems with parallels. I'm very pleased and all I have been able to list of wishes so far has been the wish to have coherence integrated with exposé. Now I've got it so thanks :)

    Not critical, but for a bit polish you might want to look at handing complete rendering of coherence windows in exposé which are partially outside the VM display bounds. At the moment - only the part inside the display bounds is rendered in exposé even though the window size there is correct.
  5. sleepcountry


    I'm loving it so far. Coherence mode with Expose is now working better than the latest version of Fusion's Unity - thanks!

    Nice work!
  6. gtjuggler


    Yes, when windows are overlapping, the part overlapped shows up incorrectly. Other than that, everything is peachy on my Mac Pro.


    CPU usage its a big problem !!
    40 to 56% when insert USB device on IDLE !!
    (touchscreen usb, anyway detect this with other usb devices)

    CORE 2 DUO 2.33 2GB RAM
  8. johnnywey


    Love new Coherence, but right-click on Start menu issue

    Hi everyone,

    I just downloaded the new 5060 build and I love the new coherence stuff! The windows are almost like native OS X windows, and the only thing left is to get the minimize to dock stuff fixed.

    However, I do have one issue and perhaps a request:

    When I right-click on the start menu to "sort by name" (I hate the way Windows sorts the stuff in the start menu), the start menu closes and does not give me enough time to actually select anything from the context menu.

    Also, as a request, at some point I'd love to have a bit more control over what's in the dock. I use a lot of DOS apps for development, and I'd love to be able to rename the title of the application in the dock to something aside from NTVDM.EXE.

    Anyway, keep up the great work! I am really liking the new expose' stuff, and the shadowing looks great as well!


    iMac 24" core 2 duo 2.33GHz with 2GB RAM and a second rotated 20" wide-screen display.
  9. MattD


    Coherence Issue on Twin Display - Mouse events and rendering problem

    &otProblem with coherence running on Twin displays.
    I have a Macbook Pro with a 23; ACD, the ACD is the primary desktop, and the MBP is the secondary (to the left)

    When running in coherence mode, I have 6 outlook windows open. On the primary desktop is the main window, and four message windows are open on the secondary. Also had a command prompt window open on the secondary display in foreground.

    However when I click on the title bar of one of the message windows in background, the click event is actually registered on the primary display (just happens to align with buttons on the main Outlook browser.

    Also the Command prompt window that was in the foreground of the secondary display is now painted with the window contents of the main outlook browser from the same position on the primary display.


    The image shows part of the primary display on the right and the secondary on the left.
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  10. MattD


    Coherence and window stacking order

    Also a question on Coherence for z-order or window stacking. I was excited to read the following spec for the beta:
    Youll also be able to stack Windows application and Mac application windows in any order youd like, so the experience is completely seamless.
    However I do not see a difference from the previous behaviour.

    I interpreted the statement to mean that I should be able to get the following outcome
    Top - WinXP Application 1
    Middle - OSX app Mac Mail
    Bottom - WinXP Application 2

    Eg, if I have a number of WinXP apps open and have Mac Mail running in fg, then if click on a title bar of a windows app, only that window should come to the foreground, and the visible window beneath would be mac mail.

    However if I select any windows application, every windows application is raised in the z-order above the OSX apps
    Top - WinXP App selected
    Middle - all other WinXP application windows.
    Bottom - the previous OSX app selected (Mac Mail)

    If this is not what is intended, this would be a huge enhancement to make the coherence function usable.

    Also would be great if WinXP guest OS would recognise the spanned displays as two displays, and not one extremely wide display.

    Still, its a great product, and allows me to work in OSX, and access specific WinXP applications. Good to see plenty of ongoing improvements.

    MacBook Pro 15" 2.33 C2Duo 3GB RAM, 23" ACD, OS X 10.4.10
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  11. ralphrmartin


    Excellent, thank you.

    Its just a pity that this build doesn't seem to fix any of the problems I was having in 4128:

    Messages about being unable to allocate memory - even though I have checked the "preallocate memory" checkbox, and have 6Gb RAM in my Mac.

    VMTools for Linux causes my X Windows to stop working on Debian.

    (See my other threads about these issues).
  12. spectre

    spectre Parallels Team

    We are aware of the issue with memory allocation on the Macs with large amounts of RAM (4+ GB), but unfortunately for now there is no fix for this problem. Our developers are looking into it, but it's more like a current technological design limitation that needs to be changed than a bug that can be easily fixed. For now I can't give you an exact date when we'll have it sorted out, but we are working on it.
    Currently you should be able to work around the problem by lowering the total Parallels Desktop reserved memory limit (under Preferences - Memory), try different memery values (by some user reports setting the memory under 1384 MB helps). Also try lowering the amount of memory allocated to the particular VM. Starting Parallels Desktop right after the Mac restart also helps (this way we put our main drivers in the first 4 GB address space of the system).

  13. ralphrmartin


    Thanks for the hints. Can I make a suggestion for a quick fix? Why not preload the drivers at boot time to ensure they are in the right part of the address space?
  14. JcMarin


    5060 is definetley not where I would like parallels to go

    I use Parallels on a daily basis for my work and I rely on it to interface with my Companies corporate applications (Mainly Exchange, Office and some internal developments) and so far the product has been working reliably for me in all the versions.

    I have been a user of parallels since the first beta and decided to buy the upgrade to version 3 because it has been delivering functionality that I find very useful, and although I considered and tested Fusion as an alternative (we use allot of VMWare products in my company) I decided on Parallels because of the number of features.

    Now some of the features that I found very useful are things that are not crucial for me and I would give up if it hinders stability, but that make life easier, like Application sharing between Windows and Mac (so I can open each type of Doc in the preferred App.), coherence (So I can work on two application Mac&Win at the same time without having to change screens), etc.

    But after working with Beta 5060 for 2 days I have decided to go back to previous version, because performance was very sluggish and performance with anything that has to do with screen refresh has gone down significantly. Shadows for windows would remain behind when moving a windows while somnthing intensive was going on on the background for instance and its also noticeable with opening of apllications and the screen redraw.

    I decided to install the 5060 beta because I wanted to try the iPhone fix (wichworks btw.) but the new features that were added to the beta, 3D look and feel, shadows, etc do not add any functionality and definitely adds memory and CPU cycles to the already large requirments for Parallels.

    So my feedback (and from what I see on the forums I'm not the only one) is that I do not need or want Parallels to work on making nice shadow effects or nice transition, or anything that has to do with pure visual candy, because it adds no functionality!

    If you are going to include this things, at least make them optional so users can decide if they want performance or they want nice windows.


    Tested 5060 on a Macbook with C2D and 2 Gigs Mem, 1G for Paralles
  15. brkirch

    brkirch Kilo Poster

    I agree that it would be nice to have a way to turn off separating the windows in Coherence, for performance and tidiness reasons (not everyone will want to see all of Window's windows separate in Exposé), but I don't agree that it does not add functionality. Exposé and windows Z-ordering support are very significant improvements that aren't just "pure visual candy".
  16. dailo


    Loving the new coherence. The only things lacking during my daily use is Suspending/Resuming VM's in VMware is much faster and the Idle CPU in the new build is higher in coherence mode than before. Other than that a really nice upgrade!
  17. RealityExplorer


    This information really should be placed in a knowledge base and seperate thread with more info.. I just happened to run into it in the right thread, and in release notes and system requirements notes.. ie in the system requirements in the product description it implies it works (false advertising):
    I can use the product with the limitation but its frustrating that this comment from parallels on the topic is the first I'd seen, I wonder how long they've known this.
    You waste users time and the time of support staff and forum readers by not making every bit of relevant info easily findable and by not making sure that all forum topics are responded to at an even higher level of priority than individual support emails...
    Both need to be done, but its more efficient to solve a problem for N forum readers than for 1 individual emailer and prevents more people from emailing if they spot a solution easily..

    I just posted a msg on memory issues in the thread re: the 64MB video memory limit.
    before I ran into this one in a thread I may not have read given the title of it.
  18. RealityExplorer


    btw, if this is known by Parallels to help, this should *not* be something the user needs to do... The installer should give the option to setup something to run on reboot of the Mac seperate from whenever the user tries to run a VM. I had planned to set Parallels to run at startup automatically.. but hadn't yet since I am running a bootcamp VM and Parallels asks for a password. Thats a minor inconvenience but since I don't really need it running all the time I didnt' want to bother with it and hadn't taken time to find out if there is anything I can do to change that like changing permissions on anything.
  19. RealityExplorer


    btw, actually I tried setting parallels to start on login... and got an error msg saying it couldn't communicate with its drivers..

    No one from Parallels has posted in this beta forum for a few days.. In hiding? Forgetting that its better to support N users replying to a forum post than 1 individual support email... and that many of the issues are also bugs we experienced in prior versions of the software and are only being reported here by those being helpful enough to try the newest version of the software before complaining and are being instead rewarded by silence? (or they may be bugs in prior versions that simply weren't visible till this beta).
  20. spectre

    spectre Parallels Team

    Indeed, it's a known issue for a long time that Mac OS X needs some time to load Parallels Desktop drivers and if you try to start the program too soon - it will show you this error.
    Currently we are working hard on fixing these memory problems and our next updated build should contain some fixes for this issue.


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