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Discussion in 'Account and Subscription Management' started by ProductionB, May 27, 2020.

  1. ProductionB

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    My company own 12 Parallels Toolbox licenses, split across 3 activation keys. The only login I have gives me access to 1 key for 6 licenses. I have the other 2 keys but it says they are already linked to other accounts. It is possible to merge the accounts please?
    Also is there anyway to reset activations as we don't 12 users using it but when we try to add one it says its already been activated. It may have been activated on old machines that have since been destroyed.
  2. Hello,
    could you please provide us with your email addresses and we will check it for you.
    Please reply us back via the private message in order to not share your personal info in public.
  3. ChrisO6

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    We own 4 licenses for Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition. When we access out parallels account dashboard, we do not see the current product keys. We don't know wha the issue is and need to reactivate a license on a new machine. Can someone please help straighten out our account so that we can see our activation keys?
  4. Hello, we will be glad to help you.
    Could you provide us with your license keys via the private message please?
  5. ChrisO6

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    Will simply replying to this message (like I am doing now) be a private message? If not how do I reply privately?
  6. It's a public thread.. But if you scroll up you will see an Inbox.
    I'll just send you a private message an you will be able to see it in your inbox.

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