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    My company has a system whereby you can access some of info / systems, that reside behind the firewall,on their network, through a link on to your home computer. However, part of the system has a cache cleaner, so as you're logging off, you effectively "Close the security gate" behind you (in case you were using a public computer or whatever).
    I can't get on this system with my macbook- the company network guru has told its because the cache cleaner is not supported for Mac's.
    Obviously I pointed out to him that Windows don't actually run the world yet, but I guess thats by-the-by, they seem to run the thinking of our 'experts'.
    If I install parallels and windows, would be I be good to go, to load this cache cleaner and get access?
    Really I don't want to do it - taking up a load of hard drive space with stuff I wanted to leave behind - but might it be an answer?
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    This would probably work with Bridged Networking (which you can read about in the Manual).

    If you can get a copy of Windows from your company, I would recommend that you download the trial version of Parallels (1 month trial) and install windows. Until you test it you wont know for sure.
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    The Juniper "Network Connect" VPN client (with cache cleaner) works just fine under Windows - I'm in the process of rolling this same product out where I work. However, it will only give you VPN access to the *windows virtual machine* running under Paralells, not anything running natively on the Macintosh.

    There's a native Macintosh NC client, but the IT person at your office will have to create a separate "profile" for the Macintosh client (that doesn't use the cache cleaner) for it to work properly.

    The Parallels/Windows XP solution will work just fine. It's how I test the Windows client at home. :)
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