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  1. scottsss2001


    Thinking of switching, but a must have app is either MasterCAM or SurfCAM....I have Googled to see if anyone is using them on a Mac, but didn't get any hits. So I thought I would ask here and see if anyone is using either of the two CAM packages. Or if they are using one of the many other packages Thanks.
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  2. SteveK


    GPU concerns

    I tried then bought parallels mac desktop and was bummed to see the lame graphics support. Unlike using bootcamp and a purchased copy of Windows XP Pro which access my MacBook GPU just like you'd expect from a Windows PC, parallels and a purchased copy of XP Pro gives me a default, looks-like-it's-an-emulated GPU graphics capability of 8 MB and I can't access the GPU control panel like when I boot to Windows.

    If you want more details, let me know (e.g., could not get DirectX 3-D modules to install....)

    For CAM work, at this time I'd recommend BootCamp for the above reasons.

    I wrote parallels tech support to see if they have plans to access the GPU directly rather than emulate one.

    We'll see if they respond...

  3. scottsss2001


    Yeah let me know what you hear. I have a workstation at work I'll do the bulk of my CAD/CAM on. But their will be times I'll either be away from my desk and will make some minor changes or edits and will be doing that on a laptop. Had hopped I could carry only one laptop with me.

    Reading shows I can use Solidworks and some other CAD for edits, but not major work at this time. Fine if I have to duel boot for anything major.
  4. MarkHolbrook


    I think expecting Parallels to provide better 3D support is asking for a bit much. I don't believe it will be easy or even possible.

    I use Solidworks under Parallels and it runs pretty well. I wouldn't say the 3D graphics are blazing but I can get the job done.

  5. scottsss2001


    Blazing fast

    I'm not expecting it to be blazing fast. Just if I am out of the office and get a call to edit a file or repost due to a change in available tooling. That I'm going to be able to make these minor changes and repost the NC file. For major work I have the desktop.

    So your running Solidworks...You done any large assemblies under Parallels??? Or just one or two parts?? You also doing the drawings under Parallels??? Have you tried running any of the FEA program under parallels? How far can I push it before it breaks???

    Have you tried a spaceball on the Mac???
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  6. MarkHolbrook



    I have edited a part then modeled that part in a about 30 piece assembly with no problems. I have done drawings under Parallels/SW but I do not have a printer attached so I simply saved it then transferred it to a desktop.

    No on the FEA or Spaceball. My primary function for Parallels is to write Windows Code using Delphi V7. Our application is a very large slide staining machine/software so the software is HUGE with almost one million lines. Parallels handles it just fine.

    I can even run our product in demonstration mode which mains I have to have all libraries installed (activeX in some cases) and it all just works.

    Let me put it this way. For what I do Parallels has been SO GOOD I am thinking about reformatting my entire drive to gain back the BootCamp partition which is 20G and I never use.

  7. scottsss2001


    Thanks for the feed back

    Thanks for the feed back. I plan to get a Powerbook Pro after the new models come out.
  8. MichaelPrichard


    No 3DConnexion spacemouse, serial or USB yet

    I'm running Unigraphics NX 4 in Parallels and find that large model parameter updates are about the same speed as BootCamp. Only 3d frame rates are lower (around 10 vs. 60-70). I've had 700+ part assemblies open with no problems.

    Alas, I've been unable to get any of our Spaceballs (SpaceMouse) to work. I've got the 3D connection SpaceMouse Plus (both Serial and USB) and the SpaceTraveller (USB only), and none of them work. The serial (using Targus PA088 adaptor) looks like it begins to work as it does it's 3 startup beeps, but within seconds Windows blue screens and Parallels reboots (in about 6-7 seconds!). Both USB versions just bring up the "... wait 5-10 seconds..." message and I can't imagine what on the OS X side is grabbing them.

    Let me know if you have any succss talking to any of these as it's the only thing keeping me from living full time in Parallels vs. constantly rebooting.
  9. scottsss2001



    Logitech came out with a Spaceball that looks a lot like the Traveler....You might want to see if their drivers will work with your device.

    I also came across this in a google search. Might or might not be of help to you.

    Sort of on topic of CAD/CAM, I do a lot of large batch printing. Depending on the job any were from 5 drawing up to several 100 depending on how large the project is. I've been using Fastlook for this running under XP. How is printing handled under Parallels? Is it transparent? Just find the printer on the network and start sending files??? Or will their be more to it??
  10. VTMac


    For printing, you best bet is to get the printer setup on the OSX side, and then download and install the free Bonjour for Windows from Apple. This will allow your Parallels XP VM to access the printer installed on the OSX side. If this isn't an option you'll need to rely upon the USB support in Parallels to access the printer natively. In that case, your mileage may vary. Also, if this is a network printer, forget everything I just said. It will just work, once you install the necessary drivers.
  11. bmuyl


    I am trying to use nx4 in parallels. Everything seems to work fine, except coordinate system, and points appear to be very small, say 10 times than in the same install on a "normal" pc.
    Anything to deal with the graphics card ?
  12. HansJ


    Spaceballs for CAD under Parallels

    :) I've gotten my spaceball to work on my new 24" iMac! (using the latest software and drivers available on Dec 15th, 2006)

    I use a *serial* Spaceball 4000FLX with an IOgear serial-to-USB adapter. Install the IOgear driver in Windows (XP-pro) but no driver on the mac. Then install the latest 3DConnexion driver. I've found that I need to plug in the IOgear serial-to-USB adapter *after* starting Windows on Parallels (during initial bootup works best, thus the mac redirects it and the driver finds it during Windows booting).

    I use SolidWorks, but it also works in GoogleEarth and the 3DConnexion Demos.

    All these threads had me worried. Alas, I can't say if it works with the newer USB spaceballs.


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