Can I create a new VM on a External HDD ?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by Allan Shearer, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Allan Shearer

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    Hi There

    I'm running Parallels 3.0 (build 4128) on a Macbook with Windows XP and Boot Camp. LOVE IT!

    Now ... I've decommisioned my old(er) Windows Desktop computer and have taken out the HDD and placed it in an External HDD enclosure (with Firewire).

    This drive can be seen perfectly well when connected to my Macbook.

    And so I wonder ... since Windows XP (Home) is still installed on it, can I create a SECOND Virtual Machine using Parallels on this same Macbook and have it point to the External Drive?

    If so ... can someone tell me how I ought to go about doing this?


    Allan Shearer
  2. LandyMan

    LandyMan Member

    You have a couple of options IMO:

    1. If you want to use the existing Windows XP as a VM on the Macbook, you can use Parallels Transporter to create a .hdd VM file from the original Windows XP "Machine" which is now your external HDD
    2. You can do a clean installation of XP via Parallels (you know, creating a new VM) with the .hdd file residing on the external.

    I have been running scenario 2 now for close on a year ... no problems, until this morning that is :(
    Blue screen of death, and now the HDD boot partition seems corrupted
  3. Allan Shearer

    Allan Shearer Bit poster

    Ah!! 'Transporter'. That's right, I forgot about this.

    OK, I'll try that and see what happens.

    Thanks for reminding me. If it works... I'll be sure to post here and tell you (all).

    Thanks again.


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