Can not connect BootCamp to Parallels 16, Monterey

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by MaksimN, Nov 6, 2021.

  1. MaksimN

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    Two days ago i've successfully connect my BootCamp to Parallels 17 (using trial version for now). After this i've successfully updated MacOS to Monterey and installed win11 and since then all gone. Bootcamp hasn't connected to Parallels automatically and manually too. Then i've done this things many times:
    - Reinstall win10 (different versions)
    - Reinstall MacOS (to Monterey
    - Reinstall Parallels to 16.5.1
    I found out that when i'm trying to manually use bootcamp as parallels, there is no "Physical Disks" in "Hard disk>Source" in custom install settings window.
    Typing "vm.bios.efi=0" in Boot Flags also didn't work out.

    Seems that i'm doing something wrong or it's just Monterey somehow hide my physical disks from parallels (Full Disk Access is given).
    The best i want is to use Windows 11 in Bootcamp and Parallels both, but i would be happy even with Windows 10.
  2. MaksimN

    MaksimN Bit poster

    As i see, there is no solution yet for Install Assistant to get "Use Windows from Boot Camp". But i'm also trying to install in manually. Let me get it clear, is it not working at all and will it someday? It works just fine in VMWare Fusion, but i prefer Parallels over it.
  3. JWSD

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    Why do you mention "solve your issue" if KB states that there's no solution or workaround? In chat I had unfortunate experience too, where CSRs are very quickly point to a "solution" which as it stands does not exist. Parallels team should do much better to keep this going. Currently in our company we cannot use bootcamp partitions after upgrade to Monterey, so consideration si to go with Fusion, and cancel Parallels subscription. Quick no-answers from CSRs do not inspire hope. On Twitter no one answers either.
  4. AllanD2

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    Indeed. I just paid for parallels to run ArcGIS from a bootcamp partition only to find a key feature of parallels simply doesn't work. unacceptable.
  5. DebasmitaM

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    Hi, the issue has been fixed on Parallels Desktop 17.1.1 version. Kindly visit to know more.

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