Can not switch computers with iPhone 6 plus

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Bob_Basnett, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. Bob_Basnett

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    I am running a configuration with 5 windows computers, IOS 8.1.1 on an IPHONE 6 plus. When I login to the application I am able to select any computer and operate it. When I go back to the app launcher page and try and access another computer or use the mail button on the top line nothing happens. To access another computer I need to exit the app, kill the app, then restart it. I can then see the list of computers again.
    If I select a computer but do not select an application on the computer I can switch between computers. Once I select a computer then return to the app launcher the arrow to select another computer or send a email are non responsive.
    I have tried to reinstall the app but this did not help. I checked the windows computers and they all have the latest version of the access agent running on them. When I try from an iPad mini it works just fine.

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