Can you exclude a certain USB drive

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by oswaler, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. oswaler

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    I'm using Build 4128 with XP SP2 boot camp.

    There is this problem where if you start up the VM with USB hard drives plugged in, an error is thrown saying there are multiple volumes that could have windows, so you have to disconnect the USB drives, start the VM and then reconnect. So far this is the only thing I really don't like about Parallels.

    Is it possible to configure the virtual machine to always ignore a certain USB drive? There is one USB drive that I never use in the VM, and it would be nice to not have to keep disconnecting it. In the VM setup, it seems like the finest control you get is whether to enable or disable the USB controller, not individual devices (until after the VM has been started).
  2. Dickison

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    I get the same error. This is such an obvious bug that the Parallels team needs to provide an update for this rather than us having to do workarounds.

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