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    I have Parallels Mobile and Parallels Access. When I installed Parallels 9 Parallels Mobile stopped connecting.

    With Parallels Access, how do I access a list of VM's to start (without affecting the Host OS). With Mobile, I could start a VM and access just that screen which meant I didn't mess up my Host screen just run a program. I cannot see a way to do this In Access/9. I see a way to turn off isolation and then add the guest programs to the Host and run it that way but I would not like to do that. I often have three monitors plugged in and when Access connects it sets them to Mirrored, which messes up my workspaces. It does restore most of the windows on disconnect but on reboot the computer came up mirrored to all the monitors. This was a feature of Parallels 6, 7 and 8 so it should still be available in 9.


    In the case you accidentally removed this feature, how can I open a bug report. This feature plus Access's new features make a very compelling offering.

    If your on your lunch break and want to access a desktop feature (like a web site with Flash or Java) you can:
    Use Access to get a list of available Virtual Machines
    You can choose the host or a guest VM (booting the guest if needed)
    Only the selected machine needs the resolution adjusted and is less likely to be across multiple monitors
    You can create a dedicated OSX guest or Windows Guest that can be optimized for what you want to access from the iPad
    If this is a family system, the person using the Host OS won't suddenly get whacked if the iPad user just wants to use a Flash site, the VM can boot in the background just like with Mobile.
    You already have the tools for Access available in the guests (most likely in the Parallels Tools?) since Windows Guest apps support the new iPad gestures.

    If the guest needs to do things differently, the Guest OS should be able to detect its running under Parallels, and Parallels should be able to tell the guest the Host has an Access subscription. For the ability to use a background VM I would be fine if it needed to install a larger subset of Parallels Access Agent in the tools.

    I really liked the way Parallels Access gestures worked but the way it affected by Host OS screens prevents me from using it. I have multiple monitors attached and when I use VNC access (or Parallels Mobile) it's clumsy but I can see everything and it works. Parallels Mobile also allowed me to only access the VM's which I could set to 1024x768 for the same reasons you're doing to the Host OS. I really need the access to the Host to allow *not resizing* and *not mirroring* the screen. The option of using a OSX VM as the target instead solves this issue.

    In regards to other tickets complaining about Access installing in the host, if you can also target guests you can add a checkbox to the VM's configuration ([X] Allow Parallels Access to this VM) and a Flag in Parallels Access to disable controlling the Host. Instance Access control with a set of check boxes. VMWare Fusion already does something similar with the "Remote Display over VNC" option under setting.

    Seems to be the obvious combination for customer who own Parallels Desktop and an Access subscription
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    It doesn't work the way PM worked. You have to launch PD, one it loads it will show a list of your VMs the you can launch from there.

    No one that gets PA isn't going to have PD, PA is too limiting and to intrusive. There are way to many cheaper options. It's sad that they don't have beta testers or anyone to ask things to. The program has potential but it will fail and could cause them to loose a lot of customers.

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