Cannot connect to CD/DVD Rom

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by casioguy, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. casioguy


    I installed XP on my iMac 20". When I start up the Workstation (2.1), I get a window with a warning; "Unable to open device/file /dev/rdisk1s0"

    I have checked the configuration file, and the CD/DVD-ROM options say:

    Enabled (checked)
    Connect at startup (checked)

    Use real CD/DVD-ROM (checked)

    Connect to:
    IDE 0:1

    I have tried to change to IDE1.0 and IDE1.1 without success. Under XP, I can't access the CD?DVD-ROM. What shall I do?
  2. jmaynard


    Start Parallels with a CD in the drive. Once it's up, you can use Devices->CD/DVD-ROM 1->Disconnect to tell XP it's ejected, and then eject it from the drive with the Eject key. If you want to insert another disk, just stuff it in the drive, wait till Mac OS X mounts it and shows it on the desktop, then use Devices->CD/DVD-ROM 1->/dev/rdisk... to make it available to XP.
  3. loosegroove


    I can get Parallels to recognize the Windows XP upgrade CD and I can begin the install process. When it asks for a prior version CD, I can disconnect the CD Rom from Parallels and eject it just. I then insert my Win 98 CD and then wait for OS X to mount it. I then re-connect the CD ROM to Parallels and then try to resume the install, but it won't read the CD.

    This is a good CD, I've used it when upgrading my other XP machines but it's not working in Parallels.

    Any ideas?


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