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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by rolfo, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. rolfo


    I just migrated Windows XP with all files from my VAIO laptop to a new iMac but cannot even use Windows!
    The problem I have is when I start Parallels Desktop and Windows starts a message appears "You will need to activate your copy of Windows". When I click OK a blue screen appears that says "This version of Windows is already activated - Click OK". When I click OK Windows logs off and I return to the start page with my user account on it.
    I click on my user account and the same repeats again!
    I cannot get anywhere with this Parallels software.
    Has anyone run into the same issue before? Have you managed to find a solution?
    Unless this can be solved I can only conclude that Parallels is one of the most useless pieces of software and really need a refund - WITHOUT spending extra money for phone tech support.
    Any thoughts please?
  2. rolfo


    No responses..

    Given zero responses received to my question I find Parallels customer service absolutely appalling - but the business idea is BRILLIANT!!!

    All you need to do is to come up with a faulty piece of software, create enough hype about it to cajole unsuspecting individuals like myself into buying it, and the moment users run into difficulties (which seems to be the case with thousands of users) offer them phone support at 30 bucks a pop!! GREAT BUSINESS!!!

    Parallels folks! HELLO!!! Where are you guys!!??? Your product doesn't work and I do not find it fare that you charge 30 bucks just for a chance to talk to you (???)

    If no response is received why don't all people who were let down by this company just create a website PARALLELS-SUCKS.COM or something like this - we MUST warn others not to buy this piece of... software.
  3. raka


    That's not Parallels fault. Your copy of XP is already activated. That means you cannot activate XP more than 5 times over the Internet. So, pick up the Phone and call Micro$oft. Simple, eh?
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  4. rolfo


    To get what?

    To be clear - after moving my entire laptop contents to a new iMac with Parallels Transporter and when starting windows on MAc desktop I was never asked to input any Windows key. Nothing. All I got was an error message "You need to activate your copy of Windows", click OK just to see a new screen inform me that the copy is already activated. Click another (and only) OK - Windows logs me off and everything starts all over again.
    OK I am willing to call Miscrosoft and do Parallels Customer Care job for them - but do I tell the Microsoft folks? Give me an activation key that I have nowhere to input anyway?

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