Cannot Init D3d Or Grf File Has Problem (Ragnarok Gaming Problem)

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by roflmao, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. roflmao


    Cannot Init D3d Or Grf File Has Problem (Ragnarok Gaming Problem) and "Disk not Found

    Ragnarok Problem
    I have everything here working fine except one game. That is Ragnarok Online, an MMO. I'm pretty sure it should be working in my mac because Ragnarok works fine on Boot Camp.

    When I start the game, it says "Cannot Init D3d Or Grf File Has Problem." After that it exits the program. There is also one weird thing that happened. In the SetUp(graphical and audio options) part of Ragnarok, the resolution of the game should be shown on the upper part of the Window. Instead I get a blank space without resolution choices.

    Warcraft Problem
    I have a problem with Warcraft III. When I start the game it says there is no cd found, even if the cd is clearly inside the mac and the cd is shown in my computer.

    These were very frustrating. Does anyone know how to solve my problems? Workarounds?
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  2. Mr SA

    Mr SA

    Games? Parallels? Which bit of Parallels 101 did you fail to "get"?

    There is no access to 3D video hardware because the Mac is using it exclusively. The hardware cannot serve two masters at the same time.

    The workaround is Boot Camp.
  3. roflmao


    Oh I see. I am very sorry :(
    I didn't notice that.
  4. timmywraith


    Any Chance?

    Any chance games will be playable via parallels in the future?
  5. stokkes


    They have said that Direct3D will be available in the new year (January-February timeframe).

    However, what they have not said is to what extent D3D will be available. We may get limited functionality or some decent functionality. I still wouldn't expect to play anything relatively new with any decent framerates .

    But who knows.. They could always surprise us. However, I was under the impression that in order for full 3D to work in a virtualized environment, the hardware (read: the graphics card) had to support the same virtualization instructions that a processor does.

    To put it in laymens terms, Parallels runs well and requires an intel mac for one reason: beginning with the Core Duo (codename: Yonah) and with the Core 2 Duo (Codename: Merom), these two CPUs from Intel have virtualization pathways built into the chip. This enables companies like Parallels to use these pathways to considerably speed up Windows when running on top of OSX.

    Now, again, from my understanding, unless the Graphics adapters can do that too (and I believe newer ones are supporting something like this), full 3D virtualization (ie: full support for gaming in a virtualized environment) is probably still a few years away.

    I do hope I'm proven wrong :)
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  6. timb


    They could have an "virtual video card" inside Parallels, and all it does is directly pass off OpenGL instructions to the video card. (And wrap Direct3D to OpenGL). It would work and be fairly fast, I'd say about 80% of real speed if you had enough RAM.
  7. unused_user_name


    "And wrap Direct3D to OpenGL"

    As a programmer I would like to point out that this is easier said then done.

    Passing OpenGL commands is probably not hard, however Microsoft has spent many years making DirectX incompatable with OpenGL.

    There is a group that has been (unsuccessfully) working on this same project for more then a yeas so that wine can support DirectX. Maybe Parallels can leverage that work?

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