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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by kblume, May 28, 2007.

  1. kblume



    While I had no problem installing a bonjour printer under Windows 2000 Pro, I just installed a second VM with Windows XP Home, and I cannot install a Bonjour printer.

    When I run the Install Wizard, and it asks me to pick a printer from the list below, it correctly shows my printer (Epson Photo Stylus R340) for about three seconds. Then it disappears and tells me that the printer is no longer available.

    Any explanation?


  2. rhind


    I've had this issue numerous times. I rebooted the virtual machine, and it did then let me select the printer and install the drivers and after you have them installed, the printer seems to work fine.

    So I'd suggest a few reboot/try again sequences and see if you can get the drivers installed. I'm not sure if this is a parallels issue or a bonjour issue.


  3. ewestby


    I'm having precisely the same problem. My HP DeskJet 6980 appears in the list for a few seconds, then vanishes as I try to select it. Here's the thread I posted:

    A member here suggested in that thread that if one tries to select the printer via Bonjour prior to installing any drivers, it will work, but in my experience that is not the case. Whether or not the HP drivers are installed in the guest OS, Bonjour can only see the printer for a few seconds.

    I also submitted this query to the official support staff at Parallels a week ago, but despite their promise to reply in three business days, I've heard nothing back. :( It's frustrating to spend $80 on a product and then have even email support queries be ignored!
  4. Morgenl


    Make sure you have the latest drive for the Epson installed in XP.
    Make sure printer sharing is turned on for the Mac side.
    When you run Bonjour you will see the printer listed seperately and below that as "Epson...@yourmaccomputername" - select Epson...@yourmaccomputername
    Then select the Epson printer and model number

    That should do the trick.

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