Cannot use the purchased upgrade key, or cancel the order

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    I am first time to this forums and I ended up here after having a frustrated talk with customer care. Please let me know if I have posted in wrong location.

    I purchased Parallels Mac Pro 11 on Apr 11th 2016. This is a 1 year license. On Apr 12th 2017 I received a notification on my Mac that it expired. So I renewed the subscription on 12th. The expense went thru and I had the new key. Upgraded the key and everything was fine.
    Today on Apr 20th I got another pop-up saying my parallels Key is not valid. I called the customer support and they are telling me to purchase full key again.

    The reason being " Apr 12th your key expired. So after expiration your upgrade key will not work". If that is the case, then how could my purchase go thru. Why did parallels website let me purchase upgrade key a day later.

    Well I thought I would cancel this and buy new key again. Parallels says I cannot cancel the order and use that to place new order.

    Is there a better way to steal money? Seriously why do you let the purchase to go thru when the system does not allow and why do you not allow users to cancel the subscription which cannot be used?

    Ticket number - 2395778

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