Cannot "Wake" PC from Ipad

Discussion in 'Accessing your PC' started by ScottA8, Nov 27, 2017.

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    I am stuck in this relentless loop where I try and access my home PC from my Ipad. After attempting to "wake" my PC for several minutes, I get a message on the Ipad that says "Unable to wake up this computer. Please configure the computer to wake up remotely." From there, I followed the PC instructions to change the Power Management settings on my PC, but the "Allow this device to wake the computer" check box is in-checkable (greyed out).

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you.
  2. Shathish@Parallels

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    Hello @ScottA8, In some cases, changing BIOS settings related to the Wake-on-LAN feature is required on Windows computers.

    BIOS Settings
    The Wake-On-LAN functionality is generally disabled by default. The option to enable Wake-On-LAN is different with each computer manufacturer. The most common method adopted across different PC's are as follows:

    During the computer´┐Żs power-on self-test enter the BIOS setting screen by pressing the F1, INS, or DEL keys.

    Select Power settings. Check for Power Up Control.

    Enable settings related to Power Up on PCI card, LAN, or Network.

    Click Save and exit the BIOS settings and check you will be able to enable that option. Thanks, Shathish.

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