Can't access my device after some time

Discussion in 'Parallels Mobile Device Management' started by furevor, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. furevor


    Hello! I have a problem. I have installed 2x on my android device and connect it to wi-fi network far away from my home. I also have another programm which can tell me if my device online or offline. So after some time I can't remote control my device but I saw that it online, why? I send push update to my device from and sometimes it helps but sometimes I can't get access! Something like this. I turn on my device and go to sleep. After night I can control my device, then after few hours I can't get access, I update device info and after few minutes I can access it! But after some time I can't get access again!!
  2. andrews8


    Hi ,

    The issue you're having most likely sounds environmental. The two most likely causes are that your Internet or network router has some sort of traffic inspection or security module which may be affecting the connection at certain points.

    The other possibility is that you are connecting to a terminal server and that terminal server is rejecting or disconnect the RDP session. Use the standard RDP client from a Windows machine and leave it connected to see if the same thing happens.

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