Can't change guest resolution to native resolution

Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by KittyMeow, Nov 7, 2023.

  1. KittyMeow

    KittyMeow Bit poster

    My monitor's native resolution isn't listed on several Linux guests. (Kubuntu, Kali, Fedora) Parallels Tools is installed. This seems to have started happening with the 6.x kernel. If I go back to an older 5.x kernel on these guests the resolution is correct. Is there something broken with Parallels Tools on the 6.x kernel?
  2. BobW11

    BobW11 Member

    This it's from 6.5 on. Tools work in 6.4 it seems. I'm on Debian unstable BTW.
  3. KojiA

    KojiA Bit poster

    Same with Kubuntu 23.10.
    I found it's depend on original MacOS resolution.
    When you change the resolution in MacOS, then list of resolution in Kubuntu change....
    Therefore I guess it's because of Parallels19 itself. not tools.
  4. KojiA

    KojiA Bit poster

    I don't know why... but it was fixed after reboot mac.
    I'm using 2nd monitor both house and office. their resolution is not same.
    possibly this affect to Parallels in my environment..

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