Can't connect to PC through browser but iOS app works

Discussion in 'Accessing your PC' started by BRUCES3, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. BRUCES3

    BRUCES3 Junior Member

    I am trying to access a Windows PC using Parallels Access from a Mac. It sees that the computer is online but it just spins at "connecting". I am able to access that same PC from iPad using iOS parallels access app. I am also able to access a different Windows PC from the Mac that I can't access the one from so i am inclined to believed the Mac is not the issue. Obviously it is something specific to the one PC itself that I can't access. Does the iOS app use a different port than the browser when connecting?
    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling parallels access on the windows PC that I can access through iOS app but not through browser and it didn't have any impact. Also it has been broken like this for several weeks so I don't think its a temporary issue on Parallels end like it appeared in other similar threads on this board.
  2. fritzl1

    fritzl1 Bit poster

    Don't waste your time, having the exact same problem, never been able to connect with browser, only app.
    Parallels should refund at least 50% of the subscription
  3. Arun@Parallels

    Arun@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hi @BRUCES3 , have you tried doing a browser reset or try a different browser in the same Pc?
  4. slavinm

    slavinm Bit poster

    Here is the link to start a support request.
    I do not want to even try it anymore, the last time I tried they ran me through everything I had already done and escalated it to the next stage then abandoned it. I even went into depth to explain the problem and submitted everything they ask for and to no avail. Does not seem as though they even listen to what you try to explain to them.
    If I can't resolve this problem I am going to cancel my renewal which is in March 2017 and then just go back to Team Viewer. At least it works and it is also Free !
    If you still persists the problem get the latest version of app from Tutuapp free download.
  5. DamiP

    DamiP Bit poster

    I finally downloaded the tutuapp application to solve the problem.
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  6. Ajith1

    Ajith1 Parallels Support

    We are glad to hear that the issue is resolved. Let us know if you have any questions.
  7. AndyC8

    AndyC8 Bit poster

    I gave up and am demoing Zoho Access because I still can't access my devices via web browser on multiple computers, browsers, ISP's and OS's.
  8. Hi. The issue has been fixed and now you can access your remote computer using Parallels Access web console without any issues.
  9. DavidB65

    DavidB65 Bit poster

    This problem is happening for me right now.
    I can access a Windows Server with no problem through the iOS app but not through the web console on any browser (Windows or Mac). Is there a fix for this??
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  10. Did you gen any error/warning messages during connection?
  11. CharlesH10

    CharlesH10 Bit poster

    have similar problem
  12. JoaoF1

    JoaoF1 Bit poster

    Same problem here.
    Trying to access through app is ok. Trough browser (edge, chrome, firefox) not working.
    I'm on my Windows 10 laptop trying to access my Windows 10 workstation
    No errors appear, only "connecting..." and then nothing happens
    I'm using the trial version i downloaded today to decide if i should buy a subscription. It seems that i won't.
  13. @CharlesH10 @JoaoF1 which version of Parallels Access are you using?
    Could you also please generate the problem reports and reply us back with the reports' ID.
    Please create report right after the issue reproduced.

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