Can't get Shared Folders working in Win2k SP4

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by wesley, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. wesley


    I'm running beta6 here. Parallels Tools was uninstalled, and then reinstalled. All devices are properly functioning as seen under Device Manager.

    I now see the shared folders icon on the desktop, and when I double-click it, I can see the link to the shared folder that I added (e.g. \\Psf\Documents). However, if I click on the folder, I get 'The network name cannot be found.' error. Note that while my Win2k installation is English, I've set the default language as Korean and the backslash appears as Korean Won currency symbol instead.

    I wonder what the problem is?
  2. skywalker


    its the same with me.
    german w2k sp4, beta6 over beta5 over beta4.
    tools installed over.
    within the installed icon on the desktop psf my "named" directory shows up, but
    accessing this folder leads to the same error "network name not found"
  3. tacit_one

    tacit_one Kilo Poster

    Thanks for your notes - we will check this out.
  4. zfirst


    Similar story for me: US English Win 2k SP4, Parallels b6 (over b5, b4...b1), uninstalled and reinstalled Parallels tools. I can see the desktop PSF shortcut, and my shared folder shows up within, but when I try to open it I get the "network name not found" error. FWIW, I am running Parallels in a bridged network setup with my host's Airport connection, and internet access from within Win 2k works just fine.
  5. wesley


    Oh, yeah, bridged networking here, too. Using the ethernet interface, though, but internet connection and normal SMB network shares from other Windows PC and Mac are working fine. It's just the PSF that doesn't work. I'm sort of glad I wasn't the only one with the problem and Parallels guys are looking into it now.

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