Can't open as it is used by another desktop window ??

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by GregGH, Dec 28, 2006.

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    I have tried to search this forum - but I can't find anyhthng that matches ...hmm ...why don't I trust this search engine ?

    Anyways - trying to open the main copy of Windows XP ( I made a back up copy some time ago that also shows ) ...the main copy is grayed out and when I try to open --it says " Virtual Machine "main" can't be opened since it is already in use by another Parallel Desktop window...

    How do I clear this problem --I have restarted the Mac laptop twice --

    Now i wish I had taken another more current backup ( damm hindsight )

    Appreciate any help offered.

    using 3036 in 10.4.8 in C2d laptop


    Greg H
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    duplicate solution


    1) the search function or forum is bad --now I see many threads on same problem

    2) I am terrible at TERMINAL I found this solution on another thread ===hope it helps
    from here ...

    the new folder and delete old folder is simple for use sloppy typers ...:)


    Greg H

    Becoming a "terminal user" is probably useful if you are going to do any more than use applications, but there is a way around this problem that doesn't require it.

    1) Find your VM. There's no way around this. You have to know where it is. Try navigating in Finder to your user ID / Library / Parallels. There you should find one or more folders containing your VMs. Find the VM folder that is having the problem.

    2) Create a new folder (anywhere) and drag all the files from your VM folder into it.

    3) Trash the original (now apparently empty) VM folder, and empty the trash.

    4) Recreate the original VM folder in its original location.

    5) Drag all the files you moved in step 2 into the newly recreated folder.

    6) Trash the new (empty) folder you created is step 2.

    You are done. The lock file is gone. Terminal is easier.
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    Thanks for your help from another user with the same problem. It happened to me when I enlarged my hdd.

    David - Dallas

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