Can't read external USB Harddisk

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by bidione, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. bidione


    Although I have browsed through several threads here, I did not find an answer for my problem (hope I did'nt overlook something).

    I have an external USB harddisk attached to my Macbook Pro running Parallels Build 1980. The harddisk is visible to Mac OSX but when I try to activate it in Win XP, I get the error message that another process is usind the usb-device ... wait 5-10 seconds ... and so on.

    I already unmounted the disk from OSX and USB mounting is set to automatic in Parallels.

    I have my entire "old" Windows PC on this external USB disk and need to copy over to my new installation on the Macbook. What can I do??
  2. PeterP

    PeterP Bit Poster

    You could try defining the USB Drive as a Parallels Shared Folder and navigating to it at "/Volumes/[USB Drive Name]" rather than actually directly attaching the drive to the Windows environment.

  3. bidione


    Thanks, easy solution (if you know) and it works great for me!
  4. dr.benouaiche


    Ok, BUT in fact I have a TViX multimedia disk which is formatted in NTFS, so it is not recognized by I cannot 'share' it in 'shared folders'.......
    Of course, I could format it in Fat32, but I really want to use more than 4 GB files, so NTFS has to be......
    If you have another idea? anyway, thks a lot for your help

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