Can't see/access new iMac in the list from iPhone or website

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    I added a new iMac (named imac5k), after copying data to it from the old iMac (named iMacFirst) through Mac Migration Assistant.

    No matter what I do, they never both appear in the list of 4 computers (MacMini, currently on, gateway3r, currently off).
    I re-installed Access Parallels on both again. Version 3.2.0 (31423). I ran the cleanup script
    Both computers show "Accessible" through the Parallels Access popup window.
    Only 1 is visible in the list in the iPhone app, or on the website.
    If I log out of one of them, the one running is accessible. If I log in to the second one, that one now becomes accessible, and shows in the list. But the old one gets removed, even though on the computer it shows "Accessible" in the Parallels Access popup app.

    I restarted both computers, re-installed, no help. I had 3 computers running well for the past few years (iMacFirst + MacMini + gateway3r). Now adding imac5k makes it overlap with iMacFirst.
    I created 3 tickets with "Send Technical Data".
    I got a response from Parallel's Facebook agent. 1 response asking for details, which I provided. 1 ticket number too. This one: 228918396
    There are 2 more ticket number under same email. 3 tickets, 3 details from "Send Technical Data".
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    resolved this issue

    It fixes it through "paxctl set --reset-host-id" using different syntax for OS X 10.10.5 vs OS X 10.13.1
    It introduced another issue of a stale, duplicate entry for iMacFirst (offline) -- while iMacFirst (active) shows 2 entries later. imac5k shows too, so the original issue is fixed.
    This duplicate issue I fixed in iPhone app with holding the picture icon for a few seconds, and it shows a Delete button, so I used it.

    I can access either computer now.
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