CD/DVD Drive Recognition

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by GordonL, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. GordonL

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    I purchased and installed Parallels V5 last week and the only problem I had was with my MS Publisher not working with graphics (that problem was solved thanks to one of your agents).
    I do have a more serious problem now though. My Windows XP virtual drive no longer recognizes my CD/DVD drive and therefore I cannot install programs, back up or anything.
    When in Snow Leopard it works fine. However if I insert the disk while in Windows then I switch to Mac it does not see it then either.
  2. VernT

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    Can't see DVD/CD icon on screen

    I have the same issue. Can't see the DVD/CD icon on the Windows (XP in my case) when I insert a DVD/CD.

    Also, I tried to connect to a disc image file (dmg).

    The DEVICES drop down even shows that I'm connected (to the dmg) , but can't reach data.

    When I try to open the dmg., my MAC disc utility program cuts in. Help too.

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