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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by gb14820, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. gb14820


    I am usng a VM with windows xp. Parallels sets the screen at a particular size that's a little too small. I can easily switch to full screen view, but I'd rather just change the size of the screen used by windows xp, so I can see some of the stuff going on in my mac programs at the same time. The xp virtual machine screen does not have the little expandable corner in the bottom right. Is there any way of changing screen size without having to go to full screen mode?

  2. davide


    The guest OS controls the window size. You need t set the resolution in XP. Right-click ont the desktop to get to the settings.
  3. keaton


    I have just bought an IMAC 20" and am having the same problems.
    I have installed WIN XP on parallels and cant adjust the size of my console window.
  4. AlanH

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    1. Select Install Parallels Tools from the Parallels OS X VM menu when XP is running and you are logged in.

    2. That will open an installer wizard in XP and you need to click the OK buttons in XP a few times to complete the installation, then let the XP VM restart.

    3. If the screen is still not to your liking, right click the XP desktop and select Properties to open the Display control panel.

    4. Click the Settings tab and then move the slider for screen size to a size you want.

    5. Click OK, and the XP system will resize the XP desktop. That will also resize the VM window.

    6. If the above fails, come back and tell us where it failed and how.

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