Cisco VPN and MacBook Pro

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by Dallred26, Jun 29, 2007.

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    We have a MacBook Pro running great and connects to all the Microsoft shares when plugged in to the network. But when he gets home and starts Cisco VPN the system connects to the network, can ping all IP addresses and has internet access. But when he tries to connect to the Microsoft shares it can not find them. I have tried using IP and Hostname to access the shares, and it is not working.

    So, to those out there that have this working, HELP!!!

    We have also installed Parallels and just upgraded it, we ould like to be able to access the shares from this also. I have been told that only one VPN connection is needed but the system is using two IP addresses, one for Mac the other for Parallels and from what I have heard I can setup Parallels to use the Mac IP address, so only 1 IP is needed.

    Again, this is very frustrating and I am about to shoot the Mac.

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    This typically means you don't have DNS services configured for your VPN network address space. Add your nameservers (the ones located at the VPN network) to your Windows network manually.
  3. Dallred26

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    I have checked that, when I connect from an XP system it works just fine, Only having problems with the MAC OS and Parallels. I still have not found the solution.
  4. swivet

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    David, you heard right.

    It works, I'm doing it on a MacBook Pro right now (v2 of Parallels, Build 3214; Mac OS X 10.4.10).

    It sounds as if you have your virtual machine configured for Bridged Networking. Change that setting to Shared Networking -- then the virtual machine will be able to use a VPN tunnel that you create with Cisco's client running in the Mac OS. Otherwise, you'll need to run the Cisco client in the Windows machine, and have it tunnel through the Mac's software NAT router. Either way, choice is yours.

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    I have a similar problem. When I use bootcamp at home I can connect, but if I use Parallels and VPN from home, I can connect, but I get disconnected immediately. I have attempted to use Parallels and VPN away from home, (at a hotel 3000 miles away), I can get into my network using VPN on my wireless network. My question then becomes, why can I connect to VPN and get disconnected immediately, (5 - 10 seconds), from home, but I can stay connected elsewhere on a wireless network.

    I can use VPN at home on my MacBook Pro, on my wireless network using bootcamp but not using Parallels.

    Anyone have ideas as to why this happens?

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