Cleaning up files with windows virus on mac

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by maintreqd, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. maintreqd



    My lady friend is a peace corps volunteer in morocco and recently someone installed parallels on her machine but neglected to install windows antivirus software. people are telling her files she's sharing with them on a usb drive are infected with a windows virus.

    Something wasn't done well with the installation of parallels, and so she's no longer able to boot into windows to get a virus program installed and clean up the machine.

    is there a MAC program that anyone knows of that will detect when files are infected with a WINDOWS virus, and be able to clean them up as well?

    any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you :)
  2. TIGER@



    Almost all today's antivirus software is able to detect not only Mac viruses but Windows viruses as well.
    You can check for Kaspersky Antivirus (btw, 90-days complimentary license of Kaspersky for Mac is shipped with Parallels Desktop v6), Avast Antivirus, VirusBarrier X6, McAfee VirusScan, etc.

    However, please bear in mind that Mac antivirus will not scan inside Windows hard disk image file, because Mac OS X has no access to Windows file system unless hard disk image file is mounted. To scan Windows files inside virtual machine, you still need to have antivirus installed in Window sand perform a full scan.
  3. trimegistro


    Is there another antivirus alternative that is compatible with Parallels out there since my Kapersky 90 days license expired and I don't want to purchase a new one knowing that there are free versions of different brands .
  4. MikeMo


    Microsoft Security Essentials works very well in my XP vm.

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