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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Public Beta' started by BenInBlack, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. BenInBlack


    Im an old Windows dawg that, loves the new Intel Macs, but cant train myself new cmd/cntrl diff, so I have been maping on the mac side where i flip cmd and ctrl.

    This works fine on Mac alone and when I was running on 10.4 and builds 4560 & 5162, but now I'm on 10.5.1 leopard and betat 5580, when I start up mac and no parallels, cmd/ctrl are mapped fine, but when i start up parallels it remaps them back.

    The only way i can get it is to set the Mac to have both the cmd & ctrl keys set to cmd
    and to set Parallels to CMD+ZXCVAF in keyboard prefs, but if i leave Parallels at no remap of cmd key it overrides the Mac side

    Please make it so that the Parallels follows the cmd/ctrl key swap defined on Mac side
  2. BenInBlack


    Actually, there is more...

    i have parallels set to CMD+ZXCVAF in prefs and when i restart parallels it ignores this.
    I have to go in and switch it to another and then back to this before it listens to this.

    So here is the bug, if I set Mac to flip Cmd with Ctrl and I set Parallels to Not do anything with swapping CMD, then Ctrl should be Cmd on Mac side and Normal Ctrl on Windows side.

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