CMD - Win - Alt Windows Profile Keyboard Mess (buggy defaults)

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    I am trying desperately to straighten out the MAC to WINDOWS Keyboard commands so I can use my 3D software and this just seems like the defaults are a total mess. First i had to make sure to turn ON the Checkbox for "Use All F# etc. Keys..." and then i had to make sure to turn OFF all Mac Keyboard shortcuts that use the F# Keys. Then I had to get into the Show/Hide Keyboard shortcut in Parallels Preferences > Keyboard that captures the F6 Key.

    NOW I would really like to MAP THE REST of the keys in a way that makes sense because the defaults seem really screwed up. shot 2012-04-27 at 09.50.35 PM.png

    Can someone help me with a reference that shows me which MAC BOOK PRO keyboard keys map to WINDOWS Keyboard keys? For instance in the short section above the CMD Key is mapped on the one hand to a "WIN" key in my Windows Profile and on the other hand if I try and enter the DELETE Key in this section it shows up a "BACKSPACE". Then if I go through this section /sometimes/ CMD is mapped to "WIN" and sometimes it is mapped to something like TAB or CTRL or whatever all willy nilly.

    Is there a one to one here that will let me go through these and make sure that they are not switching up all the time? Also, WHY does the delete key map to Backspace? If this is hard coded is there documentation that explains this??

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    A quick question. Have you read the Help available via the (?) button in the lower-right of the Keyboard preferences in Parallels? Also, there are a couple of Keyboard sections in the Parallels User Guide:

    Maybe frustration is getting the better of you. I wouldn't agree the defaults are not reasonable. The Mac and each guest OS have their own concepts of and constraints around meta-keys, so creating a mapping that can work is a difficult problem to solve.
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