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  1. LucaG3

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    I don't know if I am the only one who needs this feature: I have installed MacOS Catalina on my Mac mini 2018 and I virtualized High Sierra to be able to use some 32 bit applications I still need. Unfortunately, to use them I need to start each time the virtual machine and enter High Sierra completely, while I would like the possibility to simply use 32 bit Mac appls installed under virtualized High Sierra in coherence mode, as I can do with Windows applications.
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    Definitely not the only person to want better support for virtualized MacOS machines. I purchased Parallels for this express purpose (I don't use Windows), and I have to say that I am sorely disappointed with the lack of integration support for Mac VMs.

    People use MacOS because they like MacOS. If they preferred Windows, they would be using it as their primary system. There are a lot of good reasons why a person would like to run MacOS under a VM with a MacOS host, and since Parallels purports to be the best Virtualization software for the Mac, one would think that they would put a little more effort into better support for MacOS VMs, especially with respect to integration with the Host.

    If I enter coherence mode with a MacOS VM, I get a second dock, and a second status/menu bar -- horrendous. I know you can hide them, but that isn't at all "coherent". It's incoherent.

    What would be most useful, is if there was a way to just run a specific app from the VM, and have it in its own window on the host, show up in the host dock (with any notification icons), and have its status/menu bar active when the application is active.

    After 16 major versions of Parallels, you'd think there'd be a little more effort made into integration with Mac VMs. Instead, support told me that coherence mode isn't even supported for a Mac VM. It's an abandoned feature.
  3. DickH1


    Thanks for the question LucaG3 and thanks for the respond DerekS8. It took already many hours to find the solution, which does not exist.
    The reason I need an iOS VM is because I use multiple software that only works till El Capitan (iOS 10.11.6).
    Coherence would make my work much easier. Unfortunately Parallels decide different.
    Hopefully they listen to our request to make it possible, else it will be cheaper for me to buy a second Mac to run this no longer supported software.
  4. WalterB13


    I've been interested in this topic ever since Apple started phasing out 32-bit application support in its macOS releases. I'd love to see Parallels support Coherence mode for macOS VMs so I would not need to run multiple (headless) legacy Macs just run Mojave to service older 32-bit apps (and printer hardware). I access my legacy Macs via Apple Remote Desktop, but that can sometimes be a real pain. Coherence mode would hugely benefit my workflow, and my monthly utility bill. It seems like such a logical feature to include for Mac VMs since they do so for Windows VMs. My guess is there may be significant technical obstacles for the developers or the feature would have been implemented Mac VMs long ago.

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