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    I purchased Version 3.0 as an upgrade and have Version 4128. Coherence is a mess. I end up with two mice on the screen or no working mice. It is not usable in Coherence which is my main reason for using. I tried the method of removing the Tools and re-installing but it did not work. I would like to downgrade back to Version 2.5 but cannot figure out how. Can you please help me with appears I am not the only user with this problem and no posting has been made to fix this yet.

    Thank you.:mad: :confused:
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    You want to beware of downgrading to version 2 of Parallels Desktop. Your converted version 3.0 virtual machine won't open and run in earlier versions of Parallels -- it's a one-way trip unless you have a backup copy of the the HDD file with the un-converted virtual machine on it.

    Hope your Coherence issue is addressed soon. Don't have anything on that, although I would try uninstalling Parallels Tools, restarting the VM, and re-installing Parallels Tools. You can kill PT from the "Add or Remove Programs" Control Panel.

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    Late thought: the "Mouse Sync" option could be something to try turning off, first.

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